The SIPSI solution for SIP 1002M benches


 1002M Cetim     SIPSI avec etiquette petit


The SIP 1002M benches have the particularity of offering a measurement range of about one meter.

To allow this, SIP has equipped its 1002M benches with a single 50cm scale, located in the mobile carriage, and 2 reading heads, fixed and located in the frame.

The big challenge for the SIPSI team was to manage the transition from head A to head B in the area that we call the "tipping zone".


Zone de basulement EN

 In this tipping zone, both reader heads are active and one must pass on to the other.


SIPSI is today the only retrofit solution capable of:

  • keeping the SIP original scale and reader heads
  • switching automatically between the two reader heads
  • automatically correcting the drift at each switch
  • offering an accuracy of the order of 1/10th of a micron and a resolution of 1/100th of a micron
  • all this without needing to associate a laser interferometer with the SIP bench, the SIPSI-1002M module being enough:
    Schema montage SIPSI 1002M
















SIPSI demonstrations are possible on the SIP 1002M.

Don't hesitate to ask for one.


Video demonstration of the SIPSI solution

Discover the main features of the SIPSI solution in this video demonstration : click here.