SIPSI in a few words 


Performance of the SIPSI solution


The SIPSI electronic device replaces the existing electronic system without modifying the mechanical or optical specifications of the measurement bench. Featuring a high-performance signal processing unit, the SIPSI module offers a resolution up to one hundredth micrometre, with excellent repeatability.

A dynamic correction algorithm analyses the bench for any anomaly or signal in real time and auto-adjusts to minimise any interpolation errors, the main source of uncertainty errors.

The remarkable performance of this module and the excellent mechanical stability of the SIP benches guarantee exceptional quality measure, far beyond the original electronic set-up.

Retrofitting the SIP bench with the SIPSI solution therefore restores its initial performance and improves it further, for a much more effective equipment and one that is far more stable, compared to any other available solution that can prove to be more cumbersome, such as replacing the ruler or adding a laser interferometer.

The SIPSI solution also comes with a powerful PC software and an ergonomic interface. The SIPSI software replicates the main functionalities of the original software (SIP-LMC), boosting it with new features to simplify the metrological tasks, thereby increasing productivity.

The SISPI software has several communication interfaces enabling the measuring instrument management software to automatically retrieve measurements, thereby avoiding re-entering the values and the risk of errors.


The advantages of the solution


It would be pretentious to list all the advantages this solution brings, as they are the direct result of the original mechanical and optical quality of SIP benches. However, below are four advantages put forward by SIPSI solution users: 

  • The measurement procedures are more simple, leading to improved productivity (up to 50% time gain for a test) and metrologists will no doubt appreciate the simple yet intuitive software interface; 
  • Retrofitting using the SIPSI solution is the most economical solution(2 times cheaper than a retrofit by replacing the ruler or adding a laser interferometer and 4 to 5 times cheaper than acquiring a new bench); In addition, keeping the inherent bench features - both mechanical and optical - guarantees a level of performance and stability far greater than all other alternative solutions; 
  • The SIPSI solution is easy to deploy and requires no specific adjustments; the standard USB interface of the device means that it can be used with all types of PCs.
  • Cedarnet and its professional partners offer a global solution with additional services specifically adapted to the needs of metrologists and the overall state of the bench.


Technical characteristics of the electronic device


CEDARNET has re-injected life into the SIP benches by developing a modern, high-performance, miniaturised solution to facilitate the deployment, calibration and maintenance of these benches.

Provided their mechanical condition enables them to do so, the SIPSI solution boosts the performance of SIP benches, by breaking the uncertainty barrier of a 10th of an µm and minimising interpolation errors throughout the measuring cycle.

This level of performance is achieved because of its dynamic correction algorithm, associated with an innovative analogical and numerical electronic system that can dynamically compensate for any anomaly of the bench and optical ruler, and that can correct any signal amplitude, offset and phase fluctuation in real time.

This major technical breakthrough eliminates all the cumbersome electronic adjustments, considerably reducing installation and set-up times.


This device can be configured for specific cases (ex. when an SIP bench is being updated with the installation of a ruler from another brand). Compatibility needs to be confirmed during the technical qualification.

The USB interface of the device simplifies the connection between the bench and any PC, with the accompanying software having a built-in, auto-detection functionality that eliminates the need for any software adjustment.

The SIPSI electronic device is a small box (155 x 120 x 35 mm) supplied with a mains supply unit and connectors adapted for the various interfaces of the SIP benches.

The SIPSI electronic device comes with a 2-year warranty and standard replacement. Cedarnet also offers the possibility of a 2-year or 3-year warranty extension, resulting in 4 to 5 years of protection in total.



SIPSI software features


The SIPSI software replicates the main functionalities of the original software (SIP-LMC), with new features and a clear, user-friendly interface. It is compatible with Windows versions from XP to Windows 10: 

  • Display of absolute, relative, differential and bargraph positions, 
  • Management of minimum and maximum cusp, 
  • Management of calibration, 
  • Integrated calibration and correction, 
  • Communication of the measurement over the local network, 
  • Graphical display in the direction of the motion, 
  • Inversion of the sign.


Video demonstration of the SIPSI solution

Discover the main features of the SIPSI solution in this video demonstration : click here.