Features of the SIPSI solution for SIP 550M benches


image banc SIP 550M 


The SIPSI electronic box for SIP 550M enables complete system control of the SIP 550M bench with:

  • Automatic or semi-automatic search of the carriage reference point when machine is turned on;
  • Automatic search of the reference point to measure the effort when machine is turned on;
  • Management of any movement from the carriage roll, adapting the effort depending on the instructions;
  • Automatic activation and deactivation of the clutch for fine-tuning adjustments;
  • Automatic offset setting procedure to measure the effort;
  • Calibration interface to measure the effort;
  • Management of bench anomalies;
  • Management of bench settings.

It is supplied with a SIPSI counting device, compatible with SIP rules with a pitch of 8µm and 0.5µm.


Coupled with the SIPSI software, the SIPSI solution for SIP 550M therefore provides the following: 

  • A more ergonomic, graphic interface;
  • A 1/100th of µm resolution;
  • A multi-cycle calibration management with automatic calculation of an average correction curve;
  • Two correction files: one for the accredited laboratory and one that can be edited by the user (dedicated password-protected);
  • Management of the catalogue for calibrations including the efforts to be applied;
  • Management of minimum and maximum cusp;
  • The ability to manually or automatically apply an effort instruction;
  • A configuration interface;
  • An effort calibration interface;
  • A feature to export correction files;
  • Several interfaces to retrieve measurements (UDP, serial port, file, copy/paste, keyboard shortcut);
  • Display of interpolation angle.

Banc sip 750 m



Video demonstration of the SIPSI solution

Discover the main features of the SIPSI solution in this video demonstration : click here.