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Why a retrofit solution for SIP linear measurement machines?

More than 10 years after the shutdown of production and assistance by SIP (Société Genevoise d’Instruments de Physique), their dimensional measurement benches and metrological equipment used by precision mechanical labs and industrials continue to be favoured for their exceptional mechanical quality along with the high accuracy and repeatability that they offer.

Over time, the electronic components have become the Achilles heel of such equipment, with signal stability no longer being guaranteed and spare parts gradually becoming unavailable.

To avoid the risks linked to such obsolescence and to further improve measuring and control accuracy and productivity, Cedarnet brought out its SIPSI retrofit solution in 2014.

They talk about SIPSI

Measurement experts, metrologists, calibrators, technicians... they share their experience with SIPSI.

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The SIPSI solution from Cedarnet

CEDARNET has risen to the challenge of upgrading or “retrofitting” these machines, by designing up-to-date, highly effective miniaturised electronics, which make roll out, adjustment and calibration easy. 

The latest generation announced by CEDARNET enables an accuracy up to 0.1μm to be achieved with excellent repeatability and a very low interpolation error rate across the entire carriage run. 

Such a level of performance has been achieved thanks to a dynamic correction algorithm developed by CEDARNET, along with innovative analogue and digital electronics which can compensate for optical scale defects dynamically and thus correct in real time any signal fluctuation in terms of amplitude, offset and phase shift.


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Awesome performances

The SIPSI electronic device replaces the existing electronic system without modifying the mechanical or optical specifications of the bench.


Featuring a high performance signal processing unit, the SIPSI module offers an accuracy up to 0.1 micrometre, with excellent repeatability.

Fast and easy installation

The SIPSI solution has been standardised to be easy to deploy.


The standard USB interface allows the SIPSI device to be used with all types of PCs.


Also, our SIPSI experts know the particularities of each SIP model. They will give you the best and easiest training with the SIPSI software.


Intuitive software

SIPSI software includes all the original features of SIP-LMC software plus new features affordable through a clear and clean interface.

It is Microsoft Windows compatible, from XP to W10.


Frequently asked

It’s true and the new electronic module provided by Cedarnet matches this issue.

This device, the SIPSI module, enables bench monitoring and can be connected to the following SIP models: MUL300R, 302M, 305M, 550M, 750M, 1002M. Looking at the situation Cedarnet has faced and taking into account the variety of upgrading campaign managed by SIP several years ago, we know which solution is convenient to each peculiar bench.

Nevertheless in a few situations where there is not any solution, no waste of time we can quickly confirm it.

Yes indeed, we know how to replace LEDs and changing transistors. When needed, this intervention is recommended after the bench diagnosis. The cost is not high.

SIP rulers are very reliable. When they show imperfections (e.g. : oxidation), the dynamic correction algorithm included in the SIPSI firmware,  detects and auto-adjusts to minimise any interpolation errors.

When needed, mechanical interventions demand skilled engineers and accessibility to spare parts. Cedarnet and its network of experts can usually provide the resources to achieving the goal of a 100% restoration of the SIP linear bench.

Yes, however all of them cannot receive the new electronic module and benefit from SIPSI advantages. A detailed qualification including collection of photos and of the serial number is mandatory.

At first, since the electronic unit is totally new, metrologists will work without any stress about a failure which could interrupt their job.

The class of uncertainty of the linear measurement bench is much better (e.g. an SIP 302M will swap from 0.7-0.8 µm to 0.3-0.4µm).

The bench is totally stable, accuracy is outstanding and all the measures have a consistent repeatability. This performance and quality are valid and the interpolation errors disappear throughout the measuring cycle.

SIPSI Software IHM is clear and affordable. Its installation is plug ‘n’ play. It offers several communication interfaces and enable to automatically retrieve the measurements, thereby avoiding re-entering the values and the risk of errors. It also enhances productivity.

Clients who share their testimonials about the SIPSI retrofit consider that they save 20% to 50% of their time when carrying out calibrations.